There is not yet one “magic pill” that can prevent prostate cancer. One study looked at the use of a drug called finesteride which was given to men to see if it prevented them from developing prostate cancer. The results of this study did show that the men who took this drug versus placebo had a lower risk of developing prostate cancer, however, those that did develop cancer and that were taking finesteride were found to have a more aggressive form of prostate cancer. The results of this study are somewhat controversial however, and further research is needed before this drug or others can be recommended in the prevention of prostate cancer.

Another study called the SELECT trial randomized men to take Vitamin E and/or Selenium, to see if this supplements might decrease the incidence of cancer. The results of this trial ended early and were reported in December, 2008 – showing that neither Zinc or Selenium were able to reduce the incidence of getting prostate cancer. Click here to read the report by the NCI.

So apart from outright preventing prostate cancer, what can be done then? Clearly, the most important thing that you can do to increase the chance of cure is to ensure early detection of the disease.

Although much speculation about diet has been made, including the benefits of Lycopene found in tomatoes and Saw Palmetto, a natural herb, there is conflicting data on even these two substances.

Information for this section was graciously provided by the physicians and staff of Advanced Radiation Centers of New York. For further information on prostate cancer, please visit the ARC website.